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Portable Train Horns

Ridgid Train Horn Gun: Quad Impact Air Horn

Ridgid Train Horn Gun: Quad Impact Air Horn

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Ridgid Train Horn Gun: Quad Air Horn

Introducing the Ridgid Train Horn Gun: Quad Air Horn, a premium signaling and entertainment device, engineered to generate incredibly loud sounds with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Volume: This impact air horn kit is designed to produce the highest level of noise, making it perfect for parties, outdoor gatherings, and more.
  • Remote Control Functionality: The included remote control module enables you to activate the horn from a distance of up to 160ft, providing versatility in its usage.
  • Durable Construction: The ridgid train horn gun is built to last, featuring a new impact tool, remote control module, air compressor, and metallic air horns.
  • User-friendly: This train horn boasts a simple and intuitive design, allowing for quick setup and operation.
  • Powered by Battery: The train horn gun is compatible with both original and compatible batteries of your preferred brand, offering portability and convenience.

The quad train horn is an ideal choice for those seeking to make an impact at a sports event or simply enjoy some fun. With its superior build, ease of use, and potent sound, it is designed to fulfill all your signaling and entertainment requirements. Order yours now and experience the thrill of a high-performance, top-quality train horn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mike Johnson

Ridgid Train Horn Gun: Quad Impact Air Horn

Matt Robinson
It’s not what you need, it’s what you want!

I’ve eyeballed these impact horns for a year, finally pulled the trigger. I could not comprehend how loud this thing was. I took it to a 4th of July parade and scared the crap out of kids and others! The remote works great and it’s super loud. I couldn’t be happier. Made my annual costal trip a blast!

Susan Brown
RIDGID boss horn!

Works fantastic! It’s everything that it was promised to be and will be a fun little toy to use for years to come.


I absolutely love my ridgid boss horn. This thing is amazing. It's super loud and with the remote I have scared the crap out of several friends. Best money I ever spent!!!

Donny N.
Fun I didn’t know I needed.

My Friend and coworker at work, Rob, found Boss Horn and sent me the link, and I thought it was awesome. I looked many times on the site over months…then eventually I finally broke down and decided to get one. I love using it, and the horn is fun I didn’t know I needed. Love the remote option too, and the horn sounds much better in person. Thank you very much, Boss Horn!