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Premium Long Trumpets Upgrade Option (+30% Power, Low Tone)

Premium Long Trumpets Upgrade Option (+30% Power, Low Tone)

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The Premium model of long trumpets is applicable to all brands of Horn Guns. When you purchase this upgrade option, you get +30% more sound power and super-low tone. 3 colors are available.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Matt Robinson
Pure Excitement

Overall love it!! As I have had some time with it, I have the following suggestions. I noticed that the forward/reverse button is removed. I would like to see a replacement button added in the space to block off the space lie a flush mount something to make it look clean. I also noticed that the air pump that is added to the drill is larger in diameter than the drill housing. If the drill internal housing could be adjusted/manipulated around that pump to Mae the drill tighten around it without a gap would be sweet. Hope that makes sense.

Justin Armstrong

I’m happy with the purchase of the train horn gun, it’s just fun to play around with it!

Russ Smith
The best train horn out there!

When I received the box I was beside myself. I had to put it together and announce my percents in my neighborhood. Everyone could not believe there was a train coming It even woke up my sleeping dogs. enough said buy one.

Ross Hancock
Home Run Horn

Using it for Evansville Otters baseball games when the Otters hit a home run. Work great, got to use it four times in the first home game.

Bob R.
Attention Get'er!

I was skeptical when purchasing however after opening packaging and seeing the quality of the product I became reassured that I made a good choice. I installed battery and horns and WOW...these are for real! Very Impressive!!!!