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Portable Train Horns

DIY Drill Train Horn Kit with Remote

DIY Drill Train Horn Kit with Remote

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Our Train Horn Gun Kit comes with a remote control and a trigger button for easy operation.

It's also compatible with other brands of brushless drills.

Transform your drill into a powerful horn with our Drill Train Horn Kit, complete with 4 Trumpets!

We've included everything you need to convert your impact tool into a high-decibel cordless horn. Our compressor and horns are designed to fit most brand tools for a DIY assembly. If not, some modifications to the shell may be required.

Follow these simple steps to create your own impact train horn:

  1. Detach the clamp shell
  2. Take out the gears
  3. Remove the drill motor
  4. Extract the harness
  5. Adjust the shell to fit the air compressor
  6. Install the new harness
  7. Connect the air compressor to the terminals
  8. Attach the battery and ensure the compressor is functioning correctly
  9. Reattach the shell
  10. Drill 2 holes for bolts on the back side
  11. Secure the horns mount using the 2 bolts
  12. Connect a hose between the compressor and horns
  13. Enjoy your newly assembled horn!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hopefully you’re handy. Otherwise good luck.

I understand it’s a diy kit, but they send the parts and then say good luck. If you aren’t handy, just spend the money and buy the whole drill and horn already assembled. Otherwise, you will have a bunch of parts you can’t use. It took about two hours to understand the intent of the kit and what you’re supposed to do and to modify the inside of the drill in order to get it to work. In the end, I’m happy with the result but it was a bit of a find your own way experience.


Best tool to pump the sales guys up!

Brett Haller
Didn't want chrome horns!

All the pics show black, there was no place for choice of color and I was wanting black.

Mark Johnson
DIY train horn kit

This kit requires you to disable your drill!
So if you have a broken drill this works ok!
Quite a bit of modifications required.
The drill I used at the Chuck there's no way to screw back together. So a half roll of electrical tape fixed that problem!
For some reason the switch does not work, " I got the remote" .
Anyways it's so loud you don't want to be that close anyways!
In ending if your handy and have a broken brushless drill, this could save you some bucks!
Otherwise buy the complete models!