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Portable Train Horns

Dewalt Train Horn Gun - Dual Trumpets

Dewalt Train Horn Gun - Dual Trumpets

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Dewalt Train Horn Gun

  • Compatible with all DeWalt 20v batteries and generic batteries
  • Constructed from a brand new original drill
  • Equipped with metal trumpets
  • Exceptional battery life from a single charge
  • Emits a 150db train sound
  • Remote control functionality up to 160ft
  • Guaranteed same day shipping

Introducing the Dewalt Train Horn Gun: Dual - BossHorn, the ultimate tool for those seeking a robust and loud train horn.

Key features of this horn include:

  • Dual Air Horn Design: The dual air horn design ensures maximum volume for a sound that's sure to turn heads. Ideal for sports games, construction sites, or outdoor events.

  • Impact Tool: The Dewalt portable air horn is ready to use straight out of the box. It can be conveniently attached to your vehicle or carried as a portable device.

  • Remote Control Module: The included remote control module allows operation from up to 160ft away, providing versatility in various environments.

  • Air Compressor: The built-in air compressor ensures rapid and efficient horn activation, ready for use whenever required.

  • Battery Compatibility: The Dewalt Train Horn Gun is compatible with both original and generic batteries, offering easy power options.

The Dewalt Horn Gun is the perfect choice for those looking to make a loud statement. It's reliable, easy to use, and perfect for sports enthusiasts, pranksters, or anyone looking for a bit of fun. With its cordless design and no installation required, it's portable and ready to go wherever you are. Order your Dewalt Train Horn Gun today and start making some noise!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Carlos Reoyo
It’s really a Blast

I ordered it (Dewalt with 2 horns) and it was shipped fast. It was as delivered just few minutes before the game. We took it out of the box and used it , friends and others fanatics enjoy blew it every time we add a point to the score board. Remote control works fine

John Rusch
Blows away the geese

Blows away the geese

Gunnar Wingren
Dewalt Train Horn Gun - Dual Trumpets

Professionally made, excellent quality, amazing sound!
Speedy delivery.

Nicholas Smart
Awesome Train Horn (Dewalt 2 horn model)

I am using this horn to encourage honking from the trucks and cars which drive by the Axe The Carbon Tax Camp Protest Rally on Hway 1 just west of the Canadian city where I live. It is loud and perfect for the job. Also love the remote so I can stand away from the horn when I am using it...

Mike Williams
Got this as a 60th birthday gift 🎁

It is awesome and all my work tools are dewalt so I have plenty of batteries. Good job