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Portable Train Horns

DeWalt Air Horn Gun with 5 Trumpets and Remote

DeWalt Air Horn Gun with 5 Trumpets and Remote

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  • Compatible with any DeWalt 20v battery
  • Constructed from a brand new drill
  • Equipped with metal trumpets
  • Exceptional battery life from a single charge
  • Generates 150db train sound
  • Remote control range up to 160ft
  • Dispatched on the same day
  • Ready to operate straight out of the box. Just attach the battery!

Presenting the DeWalt Air Horn with Remote Control – a remarkable blend of innovation and craftsmanship designed to enhance your experience. This exceptional tool, made in the heart of Los Angeles, is more than just a horn; it's a powerful statement that reimagines signaling and creates a buzz.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each DeWalt Air Horn is carefully handcrafted in our Los Angeles workshop. We use brand new, high-quality drills as the base for our horns, ensuring each piece is unique, robust, and built to last. With a commitment to quality, you can trust that you're getting a superior product that stands apart.

Robust Metal Trumpets: A key feature of our Horn Gun is its robust metal trumpets. These metal parts are not only visually appealing; they're engineered to amplify sound and deliver a commanding presence. When you activate the DeWalt Horn Gun, the metallic resonance will grab everyone's attention, making it perfect for signaling and adding excitement to any event.

Sound the Thunder: Sound is a crucial part of any experience, and with the DeWalt Horn Gun, you'll be amplifying the volume like never before. Capable of producing up to 130 decibels of train-like sound, you're sure to make an impact that won't be overlooked. Whether you're creating an electrifying atmosphere at a sports event or simply enjoying outdoor fun, the DeWalt Air Horn is your ticket to a resounding experience.

Remote Control Freedom: Why be restricted by cords or limited mobility? With our remote-controlled DeWalt Air Horn, you have the liberty to take control from up to 160 feet away. Whether you're at a large event or simply want to make a grand entrance, the remote control gives you the power to sound the horn at your convenience. It's a level of convenience that takes excitement to new heights.

Limitless Possibilities: The DeWalt Horn Gun is more than a tool; it's an experience enhancer. Imagine yourself at a sports game, rallying the team with the blast of a horn. Picture using it to start a celebration, or even making your presence felt at parades and gatherings. With its thunderous sound and striking appearance, this horn gun has found its place in events and scenarios that thrive on creating unforgettable moments.

Where Can You Use It? The question isn't where you can use the DeWalt Premium Horn Gun – it's where you can't. From sporting events that need a boost of energy to outdoor festivals and gatherings where you want to make a statement, this horn gun is your go-to tool. Imagine the expressions of awe and surprise as you sound the horn, turning heads and creating memories wherever you go.

In conclusion, the DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote Control is more than a horn – it's a game-changer, an attention-grabber, and a memory-creator. Carefully handcrafted, equipped with powerful metal trumpets, and capable of producing an impressive 130 decibels of sound, it's the perfect addition to your toolkit for creating unforgettable moments. So, why wait? Enhance your experiences with the DeWalt Horn Gun and make your presence known like never before.

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Customer Reviews

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Randy Bellamy

Nice and loud. I like it.


Well I don’t have it yet. Not sure 🤔

Awesome 5-chime Horn!

Absolutely love the DeWalt 5-chime Boss Horn- best purchase ever!

Michael Lesinski
It's great I ĺove my horn